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Boiler Service Dublin

Boiler Service Dublin, repairs and installations. Are you worried your boiler is not working properly? Maybe you feel it’s not heating your home or office the way it should? Or perhaps you’re just looking for a regular boiler service? EMG Heating are experts in all aspects of boiler servicing, repairs, installation or replacement.

Here are some very important reasons why you should use us to service your boiler:

Did you know that a yearly boiler service can save you money on your annual heating costs whilst reducing your CO2 levels and protecting you from carbon monoxide. EMG heating is a member of RGII (Registered Gas Installers Ireland) and fully qualified and fully insured.

Don’t be left in the cold this winter for a boiler service Dublin, call EMG Heating today at 018996494

Gas Boiler Service Dublin

Boiler service - Bolier repairs Dublin


EMG Heating are experts in gas boilers and are certified gas boiler installers. Some of the reasons why you would choose gas over oil are:

  • Natural gas is typically piped into your home. This eliminates the need to run out and buy gas in an emergency.
  • Natural gas is odourless when in use and produces fewer emissions. This helps out the environment and cuts down on cleaning time.
  • Natural gas costs less than oil. Because natural gas is also far more efficient, it will also cost less to heat your home. This cost difference could potentially save you hundreds of Euros a year in heating costs.
  • Help the environment. Natural gas is cleaner than oil to burn. It produces less soot. The way it is obtained is also much better for the environment.

EMG Heating is the right choice to look after your boiler service and gas heating system needs.

Boiler Repairs

A regular boiler service is always better than dealing with repairs. We understand how frustrating it is to come home to a broken boiler. When this happens, we know that you want a speedy resolution to your boiler breakdown. The team here at EMG Heating, service are specialists in diagnosing boiler issues. Book a boiler service today, don’t delay.

Boiler Installation

Perhaps you need a new boiler system installed. There are many reasons you might be looking at a system:

  • Your current boiler is old and inefficient.
  • It wasn’t sized properly for your home or office.
  • It is simply not providing you with the level of comfort you need

Regardless, of the reason we understand that the decision to replace a boiler is a big investment. So it’s only natural that you’d want to choose the most qualified company that will provide you with the best value.

Oil Boilers

EMG Heating has a wealth of experience with oil boilers, both commercial and domestic. We have been providing top quality oil boiler service and installation for over 15+. This experience allows us to deliver a seamless installation and repair services for all our clients.

An annual boiler service is probably best to ensure your boiler is running smoothly. If you notice issues with your system our oil boiler team will be able to:

  • Carry out the appropriate survey on your oil central heating system before starting any repairs. We will inspect all parts of the system to ensure they meet appropriate guidelines.
  • Repair or replace any small leaks or faults. This can happen as a result of regular wear and tear on your system. We can typically do this work without overhauling your whole system – saving you time and money.
  • Ease the hot water flow-rate of your system by cleaning and updating any old or broken pipes and fittings. This will keep your water supply piping-hot – just as you need it!

Your safety and comfort is of the utmost importance to us, and we’ll do whatever we can to ensure it. So go ahead and call us today 018996494 for a boiler service Dublin.